Teaching Is A Bitch: Relationship Guidance

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Perhaps the toughest thing I’ve realized about being in a long-term relationship with a relatively inexperienced man is the role of teacher I had to adopt. It’s a given on both sides that becoming teacher is necessary to enjoy the richness of connection and intimacy with another human being. In the instance of my relationship, […]

Having a Whole Period: EULOGY FOR 2 LOST PANTIES

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Menstruation is one of those weird human happenings that people like to pretend doesn’t exist. At least people who don’t do it. Especially for cisgendered heterosexual men, it’s a pleasant ignorance they please themselves with having and have the nerve to treat you like you’ve ruined their whole day by telling them about it. Regardless […]

Nurture Yo Self

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Self-care has become relatively trendy over the past year and that’s goddamn amazing. Somewhere along the lines, we have lost track of how to properly care for ourselves or (at least in a nation that abuses and weakens its citizens for money) we never learned. Self-care doesn’t mean just taking a hot bath: it’s a […]

On Relationships: Expectations

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I am a cisgender woman in a heterosexual relationship, thus I’m sure this won’t cover the full scope of this thought, but I’m sure there are areas that overlap. With that said, I often find there are underlying expectations that only some times manifest into words with relationships. As I grow older and observe more, […]