How to Grow without Social Media

This morning, I decided to read some articles on the detriments of social media and make the commitment to abstain for the next 30 days. I want a healthier relationship with social media where I treat it like the tool it is for my business and inspiration endeavors instead of using it to fill voids […]

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Teaching Is A Bitch: Relationship Guidance

Perhaps the toughest thing I’ve realized about being in a long-term relationship with a relatively inexperienced man is the role of teacher I had to adopt. It’s a given on both sides that becoming teacher is necessary to enjoy the richness of connection and intimacy with another human being. In the instance of my relationship, […]

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MOVE!!! Get Out YOUR Way!

Our lives really suck at times and the world around us never seems to lighten its weight. People keep demanding so much from us and we can’t forget about the bills we have to pay. Still, when we feel that we aren’t on the path of our dreams and life doesn’t give us a break, […]

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