So what exactly is a “content writer” or “content strategist“? Essentially, I’m who you need for your cannabis business.

Aren’t you tired of the looming fear of having your social media deleted?

We both know getting cannabis ads through Google is mostly a bust (until the feds get hungry enough for our industry’s money).

Content marketing allows us to grow your target audience by providing them free, trustworthy information. It increases your brand authority and strengthens your relationship with prospects so that they keep coming to you for healing.

I provide writing and strategy services to make sure your brand stands apart, provide an impactful experience for readers, and lay the groundwork for long-term sales from consumers.

It’s expensive getting those first customers. So let me build on that foundation and shape their loyalty to you and the quality products you offer.

Navigating cannabis is all about knowledge these days!

And consumers won’t hesitate to invest when they’re empowered with education that prioritizes them. At the end of the day, folks just want to know their problems are understood and that they can find actionable steps they can start taking today.

By teaming up with me, we’ll ensure that you’re always at the forefront of their minds when they need more info or cannabis!

CannaLaina with Sunglasses

I'm Baltimore's most lit cannabis content writer and strategist. That means I'm making you money with informative blog posts your audience give a damn about.

I am a medical cannabis patient in Maryland circa December 14, 2018.

I’ve been a great writer probably since January 18, 1989 when I was born (just kidding… I study the craft like other mere mortals).

From 2016, I knew I wanted to get into freelance writing, but didn’t settle on becoming a cannabis writer until August 2018.

Cannabis saved my life.

After being laid off in November 2017, my life spiraled out of control. My unhappiness with my direction in life, collapsing relationship and deteriorating sense of self engulfed me. I was unstable and I felt like I  was constantly being torn apart, drowned, then reassembled.

I was doing my damndest to climb out of the trenches known as depression and anxiety. My methods and therapy weren’t helping. So I started vaping CBD in July 2018 and then moved onto daily flower usage September onward. 

And now here I am! Writing for Leafly and great cannabizzes (like you) with a fresh, functional brain!

I’m passionate about cannabis and writing because they helped me become a healthy, new me.

And this is what I know I offer you and your audience: the vigor and determination to seek information and make changes for one’s life betterment.

I'm also a whole human

Alaina studying abroad in Japan
Alaina and Ebi the Pit Bull

I’m a 30-something Black woman. Wild, ha!

When I’m not crafting dope af cannabis content, I’m a polymathic, ambivert-ish Capricorn with a cute doggo named Ebi and naturally swanky eyebrows. I have lofty dreams of painting murals in dispensaries, publishing fiction, making anime films and becoming a polyglot in Japanese, Korean and a wildcard language.

If you’re into video games, great cinematography, animation and/or Flaming Hot Cheetos, you and I are pretty much family.

Alaina making digital art